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Protecting Your Financial Legacy

Final Expense
According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral is above $8,500.

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Many of us have survived losing a loved one and experienced the grieving and pain that comes with it.

If you consider that this average does not include flowers, cemetary plots, headstones, or other final expenses, this cost could be significantly higher. Social Security only provides a one-time payment of $255, and veteran’s benefits pay only $300.

Who can Benefit from Puritan Shield?
  • This is an emotional and difficult time where we are faced with the responsibility of planning and funding a funeral.
  • Are you interested in leaving a charitable gift for your church, a charity, or possibly a grandchild?
  • Have you suffered losses from any of your financial accounts in recent years? Are you concerned you may not be able to make up those losses because you are now living on a fixed income?

Features of Puritan Shield
Guarenteed Death Benefit
Level death benefits are guaranteed and will not decrease. The benefit is a tax-free benefit to your beneficiary.

Guarenteed Non-Cancellable
Your policy cannot be cancelled by the company as long as you pay the premiums when due.

Guarenteed Premiums
Your level premiums are guaranteed to never increase.

Guarenteed Cash Value
Your policy builds guaranteed cash value that can be borrowed against in case of financial emergency.

No Medical Exam Required
The application is brief and includes a few health questions. After completing the application with your agent, our phone interview specialists will review the health information with you over the phone.
Neither Puritan Life Insurance Company of America, its affiliates, nor any of its representatives may provide tax or legal advice. Individuals should consult their tax advisor or legal counsel for specific advice and information regarding their individual situation. For explanatory purposes of this brochure, owner/policyholder are all assumed to be the same individual.

This guide is not a contract and descriptions of the policy provisions are only partial. Exclusions and limitations may vary by state. Refer to the policy form for complete details.