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Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

Why Puritan Beacon?
You've poured your heart and soul into years of working, sacrifice, saving and investing for the well-being of your family. Now that your life has shifted out of the workforce, it's time you think about your retirement and how to best pass on your financial legacy to your heirs.

Puritan Beacon was designed with you in mind.

The Puritan Beacon utilizes the value of the funds you earmarked for your heirs and increases the value based on your age and the amount of your initial premium. This is important so that when you pass, it will simplify the process to your heirs by avoiding Federal income tax and the hassles of probate.

Who can Benefit from Puritan Beacon?
  • Do you have money set aside to pass on to your family, favorite charity or religious organization with minimal tax or probate consequences upon your passing?
  • Do you wish to immediately increase the value of your existing estate or pay for funeral expenses through the purchase of life insurance?
  • Have you suffered erosion of principal in any of your accounts?
  • Do you have money in a savings account, money market account or a CD and would like to increase the asset value with a life insurance policy?

How It Works
The Puritan Beacon is a single premium whole life insurance policy suitable for creating wealth that facilitates transfer of inheritance and estate planning.

Two Ways to Access Funds
Only funds not needed for income should be repositioned into Puritan Beacon.

However, should you ever need money, there are two ways that you can access funds.

Partial Withdrawal
You may take a partial withdrawal of your cash value after the first policy year, subject to the following limitations:
Policy Year 1: 0%, Policy Year 2: 10%, Policy Year 3: 20%, Policy Year 4: 30%, Policy Year 5: 40, Policy Year 6: 100%

If you elect a partial withdrawal, the guarenteed minimum death benefit will be reduced by a proportionate amount. For complete terms and limitations refer to the policy.

Policy Loan
Policy loans may be taken after the first policy year. The amount available to borrow is based on the cash value your policy has accumulted when you request the loan. Should you choose to obtain a policy loan, interest will be charged on the balance of your loan at a rate of 7.4% per year. For complete terms and limitations, refer to the policy.

Accelerated Benefits
The Puritan Beacon offers, at no additional cost, accelerated benefit provisions to help offset the expense of terminal illness, nursing home care or chronic illness. The total portion of the face amount that may be accelerated under this benefit is the lesser of $250,000 or 80% of the face amount. If you are fortunate enough never to need an accelerated benefit, the Puritan Beacon death benefit will pass unreduced to your beneficiaries.
Neither Puritan Life Insurance Company of America, its affiliates, nor any of its representatives may provide tax or legal advice. Individuals should consult their tax advisor or legal counsel for specific advice and information regarding their individual situation. Withdrawals may be subject to taxation and if taken prior to age 59½, may be subject to a 10% IRS penalty tax. Dependent upon the circumstances, this policy may be considered a Modified Endowment Contract (MEC). The Internal Revenue Code regarding life insurance policies that are classified as a MEC will consider withdrawals and loans as taxable to the extent that there is a gain on the contract. For explanatory purposes of this brochure, owner/policyholder are all assumed to be the same individual.

This guide is not a contract and descriptions of the policy provisions are only partial. Exclusions and limitations may vary by state. Refer to the policy form for complete details.